Brigitte Ermel: French Jeweler

For almost 20 years, Brigitte Ermel has designed, created, and manufactured her collections in keeping with the traditions of French jewelry.

As a gemologist and passionate expert, Brigitte Ermel was quickly recognized by her peers. After receiving a high level of recognition through the House of De Beers’ prestigious “Diamond Awards,” she became one of the few women to earn the title “Jeweler of France.”

Brigitte Ermel is also the only woman to have founded her own atelier. There, she presides over all facets of the manufacturing process, delegating the work to twenty highly-skilled artisans.

This savoir-faire, an attribute acknowledged by the greatest names in the jewelry industry, enables Brigitte Ermel to envision pieces asserting an elegance that is sought after from the United States to Japan, from Great Britain to the Middle East.

With her headquarters located near the Place Vendôme in Paris, Brigitte Ermel knows how to seduce an experienced and demanding international clientele from the rue Saint-Honoré by enticing them with the precious gems and exceptional stones that have established her collection’s superior reputation.

Though the brand Brigitte Ermel is one of the least common, the name is symbolic in France: it stands for a gem of a female jeweler’s vision.